Rug Cleaning Burlingame CA

Your Local Green Rug Cleaners

Life in Burlingame CA can seem a never-ending world wind of obligations, making it difficult to find time to revitalize rugs that have suffered more than their share of foot traffic and spills. At Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, we deliver our cleaning services with minimal impact on your busy life. We offer 100% free pick-up and drop-off service.

Green Cleaning

Our professional rug cleaners use hot-water extraction techniques that will help you thwart the bacterial growth that’s a year-round terror, thanks to the Bay Area’s high humidity. For stain removal, our technicians will employ spot treatment solutions that can get rid of stains you’ve given up on. We’ll shampoo and rinse your rugs for a deep clean that can restore them up to 99% of their original conditions. Our use of organic materials in carpet cleaning eliminates the risks to children and pets.

First-Rate Care for All Types of Area Rugs

We clean all types of area rugs including wool rugs. We deliver rug cleaning for contemporary area rugs, silk rugs, traditional rugs, antique rugs and Persians. We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly agents to clean carpets.


Schedule Your Rug Cleaning Today

Contact us today at (650) 206-9850 to schedule an area rug cleaning today. We are a local company that offers expedited services to Burlingame and other Bay Area communities. You can deliver your rugs to our warehouse or leave the transport to us, as we offer 100% free pick-up and drop-off service.

Our rug care services will deliver a deep clean that maintains the integrity of your delicate shag, Flokati and etc. You can also depend on our trained team of technicians for Oriental rug cleaning. Let us breathe life back into your Japanese rugs. Our team can work out soiling matter and debris that has built up deep within your natural fiber rugs, while minimizing their sprouting.


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