Carpet Cleaning Burlingame CA

Your Local Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

Burlingame, CA, residents love and appreciate the idea of going green, and here at Carpet Cleaning Burlingame, we salute their efforts. The city is home to a number of organizations that teach locals how to reduce their global footprint, and you’ll find farmers markets and organic farms located within the city and right outside the city limits. We began providing locals in the area with carpet-cleaning services in 2007, and we now proudly offer green carpet cleaning. Why rely on chemicals when natural ingredients can get your carpets cleaned just as well?

Our Cleaning Services

As Burlingame’s top carpet cleaners, we know that no two homes in the city are exactly the same. While you might have carpets in your bedroom and hallway, your neighbors might have carpets in all areas of their home. Whether you have just a few carpeted areas or a carpeted home, you’ll love our services. Normal wear and tear on your carpets, from those days you walk across the floors while wearing shoes, can force dirt and debris deep into the fibers. We offer professional steam cleaning, wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, and specialized treatments for stains and odors. Let us make quick work of those pet stains, food stains and odors in your carpets.

Why Choose Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning?

As a parent, you care deeply about what your children eat every day, but you should also care about the air they breathe and the things they touch. Typically, carpet cleaning uses a variety of chemicals that remain on surfaces in your home and in the air. Your kids can inhale those chemicals and even ingest those chemicals while rolling around on the floor. Our organic carpet cleaning uses a unique blend of ingredients that won’t damage the environment or harm your kids, and our carpet cleaning is even safe for homes with pets.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Methods

The more time you spend thinking about carpet care, the more confused you might feel. We want Burlingame, CA, residents to feel completely confident and comfortable with the cleaning methods that we use, which is why we’ll talk to you about our services and help you pick the right one.



With our affordable rates, today is the perfect time to call us for an appointment at (650) 206-9850. If you aren’t ready to make an appointment, use our handy contact form to learn more.

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